Save Girls

We are ought to give our girls freedom; Girls are like birds and they must at all times be felt safe and fly freely in our societies. The days are gone when we protected our girls from invaders or ouside forces; however, a conservative and age old tradition to consider our girls weaker have been never ending in our society.

Recently, this little daughter of ours, A 14 years old Kanchan fell ill (just about 2 months) and was admitted to hospital.

“Doctors made it clear that both her kidneys had stopped functioning and she urgently required a kidney transplant for survival. She was soon taken to Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Science (IGIMS) in Patna for a second opinion.”

~The NZ Herald

The mother and father refused to donate their kidney justifying that she is only a daughter and who will donate their kidneys to a girl.

A man came forward to donate his kidney however, the girl was taken home by the family stating they can not take finaincial burden.

“Data sourced by some newspaper also showed that a larger share of women in Bihar donated their kidneys while there were only a small number of recipients.”

~Times of India

This whole news brings me a great sorrow and displeaseure in ourselves. There are great new scheme of the central and state govt where you could obtain upto 5 lakhs for the treatment and in special cases like this govt can undertake the complete expeneses. The only requirements was to have this done proactively by the people in the society. Being 1.3 Billion people in India there were no one to come forward and get these things done proactively for this little girl.

I call on govt too as to making scheme alone is not going to work unless we have it available to the last citizen. I call on doctors to be little vigilant and take it as duty of care and do not discharge someone who might lose their life without medical care.

Finally, I call on all my friends and family, if you see such instance please share it with everyone and you might make people aware about such cases and never know who can come forward to support in anyway.

With lot of prayers for this little girl

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