Sadhna for COVID-19

Offerings From Sadhguru In Challenging Times

Sadhguru offers a daily practice and Sadhana Support to help us tide through these unusually challenging times.

We are going through unusually challenging times with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic still taking shape across the globe. All of us are experiencing dramatic changes to our daily lives. People may be experiencing fear or anxiety about the uncertainty around this situation. In such times, it is even more vital to enhance our exuberance, inner balance and wellbeing, so we can be an uplifting influence for everyone around us.

Towards this, Sadhguru has offered a simple but powerful guided sadhana, a daily practice from which we can benefit.

Daily Practice from Sadhguru

“Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya” Chant (12 cycles) followed by Isha Kriya meditation

How to Learn the Practice?

Step 1: Learn about the Significance of the Practice

Step 2: Learn the “Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya” Chant

Step 3: Learn Isha Kriya

Step 4: Full Guided Daily Practice “Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya” Chant followed by Isha Kriya

Turn Inward: Register for Sadhana Support 

In a recent Darshan, Sadhguru said: “Wherever you are, if you give your names and register, we will do a guided sadhana for you. In whichever time zone you are, accordingly at the right time we will do a guided sadhana process for you so that you know how to conduct the day by yourself.”

When faced with any challenge, our intelligence, health, balance, become of utmost importance. It becomes even more essential to turn inward. If you wish to make use of this quarantine time to create more exuberance and stability within, you can register for a structured 40-Day Sadhana Support.

We will be connecting with those of you who register for this, providing you with additional Yogic tools of transformation and relevant tips towards health and wellbeing, through webinars, newsletters and more over the course of 40 days.

If you have completed the Inner Engineering program and been initiated to Shambhavi Mahamudra, we will also share a daily practice schedule devised by Sadhguru and offer you further support for your practices.

Register Here for the 40-Day Sadhana Support.

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