Inner Engineering Crash Course

(for those who have done the course)
Every time before you do Shambhavi, give yourself a crash course of Inner Engineering for two or three minutes and implement it each day. Even today, it will work.

– Sadhguru

So first thing in the morning you smile. Remind yourself or give yourself a crash course in Inner Engineering. Now

  • All the rules in my life, in Mumbai, in the existence are mine, my rules.
  • My ability to respond is limitless.
  • This moment the way it is, is the way it is, it cannot be any other way not this day, not this life only this moment and
  • I am not the body, I am not the mind and
  • I am a mother to the world

Just start with the crash course. It takes twenty seconds. Okay? If you can’t smile at somebody who is next to you, just smile.

– Sadhguru

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