I named my Dog Shiva – is it ok?

A good friend of mine who is completely opposite to my political views and religion asks me — what if I name my dog Shiva? Shiva as an India god and me being a follower of Shiva — certainly did not feel the heat.

I told my friend, that I am glad that you named your dog Shiva — he deserved this great name and it does not offend me at all. If you break the name Shiva — it has made with 2 words Shi and Va. Shiva means that which not — meaning that everything that is not.

And that is why we say Shiva is everywhere — if you look at the sky in the night you will notice there are billions of stars but what you miss is the empty space — which is much more significant than the stars — isn’t it so?

So people here you go, you can name your dog cat bull cow lamb or whatever you want to as Shiva and it will be an honour.

Aum Namah Shivay!

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